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B160 Food Packaging Hot Melt Adhesive

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Product Description
B160 Food packaging hot melt adhesive description Product Grade  B160 Appearance  Yellow particles Composition Synithetic resin Solid content 100% Softening point 98℃±3℃ Brookfield viscosity  180℃680±150mpas 175℃980±150mpas 170℃1480±150mpas Shear strength (N/cm2)300±50Setting time2-5 sec Specific Properties Non-toxic,passed ''SGS'' safety, And Environmental Protection Midle Hardness, Clear,With Toughmess, Good Flow Properties, Good Adhesion Force, Easy Operating. Use introdution  Suggest operating Used Temperature:140℃-180℃ Spray coating Storage Stored in the cool and dry ventilated places. Storage life 12 month.  Package  Multiwall paperbag. ApplicationSuitable for carton sealing machine. Used in cool food package. Cleaning  Before Cooling, Remain Scrap Glue, Take Spud Degeting After Cooling, Use Solvents''Banana liquid''Purging, Equiment Use Wax Purging At 120℃ Temperature, Then H.M.A Purging.Notice This information is for reference only, we strongly recommend that users carry out detailed tests to determine the final arguments.

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