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Backplane Membrane Keypads

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Product Description
Membrane switch/membrane keypad is flexible, it can be assembled on any machine, equipments, devices.But sometimes it needs a back support panel to enhance its inflexibility, or at customer end machine there is a cabinet and need screws and backplane to install the keypad on the machine or device by the screws, then under such kind of application the membrane keypad with backplane and even with screwsare necessary.If just need enhance the keypad's inflexibility, you can add a PMMA/PC/FR4 etc. other back support panel. If you designed your cabinet with screw holes and the keypad module need be embedded assembly, then need use hardware back panels, like stainless steel panel, Al panel etc. And also most times need assemble the screws, bolts on the metal back panel.LUPHITOUCH is such kind of a professional manufacturer and can support your any different application.

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