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Bakery Utensil

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Product Description
BBA Bakery Tools Co.,Ltd is one of the best bakery utensil manufacturers and suppliers in China and equipped with a professional bakery utensil designer, welcome to buy discount and wholesale newest wilton and bakery ideas bakery utensil from our factory.PictureItem No.NameMaterialPackageMOQBTS1012Sugar Arts ribbon roller setFood Grade PlasticBlister200BTS1013Vines fondant imprint mat 20 * 20SiliconeCarton Box200BTS1014Mood fantasy fondant imprint mat 20 * 20SiliconeCarton Box200BTS1015Star Fondant Imprint Mat 20 * 20SiliconeCarton Box200BTS1016Happy Birthday Fondant Imprint Mat  20 *20SiliconeCarton Box200BTS1017Fondant SmootherFood Grade PlasticBlister200BTS1018Sculpturing Tools (9-Piece Set, Totaling 18 Shapes)Food Grade PlasticBlister200BTS1019Sculpturing Tools(9-Piece Set, Totaling 18 Shapes)Food Grade PlasticBlister200BTS1020Stainless Steel Sculpturing ToolsStainless SteelBlister200BTS1021Yellow Sculpturing ToolsFood Grade PlasticBlister200BTS1022 Fondant Cutting , Embossing RollersFood Grade PlasticBlister200BTS1023Fondant Lace Multi-function Clip BStainless SteelBlister200BTS1024Scape, Vein-specific Shape PadFood Grade PlasticPP Bag&        Head Card200BTS1025Lace Layering (21cm)Food Grade PlasticPP Bag&        Head Card200BTS1026Fondant Ribbon CutterFood Grade PlasticPP Bag&        Head Card200BTS1027Lace Layering (21cm)Food Grade PlasticPP Bag&        Head Card200BTS1028Human Mold for WomanFood Grade PlasticPlastic Bag with Headcard200BTS1029Human Mold for ManFood Grade PlasticPlastic Bag with Headcard200BTS1030Human Mold for ChildFood Grade PlasticPlastic Bag with Headcard200BTS1031Cake TurntabkleSize:30.7*5cmFood Grade PlasticColor Box200BTS1032Cake Turntabkle        Size:28*9cmFood Grade PlasticColor Box200BTS1033Cake Turntabkle        Size:28*13cmFood Grade PlasticColor Box200BTS1034Wilton Model Cake Turntable, with 360 degree rotation,skid-free   Size:28*13.6cmFood Grade PlasticColor Box200BTS1035Wilton Model Cake Turntable, with 360 degree rotation,skid-free Size:26*13.6cmFood Grade PlasticColor Box200BTS1036Baking tool   plastic printing mode  size:13*7.5cm Weight:40gFood Grade PlasticPP Bag&        Head Card200BTS1037Baking tool    plastic printing mode    size:13*7.5cm   Weight:55gFood Grade PlasticPP Bag&        Head Card200BTS1038Baking tool         plastic printing mode        size:13*7.5cm        Weight:40gFood Grade PlasticPP Bag&        Head Card200BTS1039Baking tool         plastic printing mode        size:13*7.5cm        Weight:35gFood Grade PlasticPP Bag&        Head Card200BTS1040Baking tool         plastic printing mode        size:13*7.5cm        Weight:40gFood Grade PlasticPP Bag&        Head Card200BTS1041Baking tool         plastic printing mode        size:13*7.5cm        Weight:40gFood Grade PlasticPP Bag&        Head Card200BTS1042Baking tool         plastic printing mode        size:13*7.5cm        Weight:40gFood Grade PlasticPP Bag&        Head Card200BTS1043Baking tool         plastic printing mode        size:13*7.5cm        Weight:55gFood Grade PlasticPP Bag&        Head Card200BTS1044Baking tool         plastic printing mode        size:13*7.5cm        Weight:55gFood Grade PlasticPP Bag&        Head Card200

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