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φ3.8×13m Cement Mill(Central driving)一、Technical parameters and performances of cement mill1、Specification:φ3.8×13m2、Capacity: 65-70t/h (closed circuit, 42.5 normal Portland cement, inlet grain size ≤25mm,inlet moisture content≤0.5%,inlet temperature≤50℃, air speed inside of mill≥0.5m/s,Blaine≥350m2/kg,Configures O-Sepa separator)3、Rotating speed of mill:17r/min4、Grinder load:186t(max)5、Main motor:(Jiangxi Motor Factory)Type:YR2500-8/1730  Power:2500kW  Rotating speed:740r/minVoltage:10KV6、Main reducer:(1) Type:JS130-C-F1(2) Transmission power:2500KW(3)Output rotating speed:17r/min7、Slow speed driving device(1) Type:JMS660(2) Motor power:37kW(3) Motor rating speed 970r/min(4) Transmission ratio:98.58:18、Diaphram couplingType:JL130-C9、Oil station (configures reducer)(1) Nominal flow rate:350L/min(2) Oil pump type:XBZ-350(3) Motor power:11kW(4) Motor rotating speed:1460r/min(5) Cooling area:20m2(6) Cooling water volume:32t/h(7)Heater power:4×6=2410 Cooling types: water cooling11、Lubrication station(GYXZ-63A)(1)Low pressure systemFlow rate:63L/min   Oil supply pressure:0.4MPaOil supply temperature:40±3℃Motor:Y112M-6  B35  2.2kW(2) High pressure systemPump type:2.5MCY14-1BFlow rate:2.5L/minOil supply pressure:32MPaMotor:Y112M-6  2.2kW(3) Other performancesCooling water consumption:5.7m3/hHeater power:3kW×4Working media:N22-N32012、 Equipment weight:320t二、 Main spare parts and material quality1、 Main motor  YR2500-8/1730   2500kW   10KV2、 Main reducer JS130-C3、 Shell Q235-B  δ=40mm4、 Hollow shaft  ZG230-450(ZG25)5、 Main bush: Lower part HT250Bush body HT250Bush liner( Babbitt Metal ZchSnSb11-6)6、 Liner:ZGMn13Cr2( 1st chamber)ZGMn13-A( 2nd, 3rd chamber & diaphragm, etc. )7、 Thin oil station  GYXZ-63A8、 Control cabinet & start cabinet三、 Supply range      1、 Rotary section1 set2、 Feeding device1set3、 Main bearing device2sets4、 Discharge device1set5、 Liner & diaphragm1set7、 Main motor1pc8、 Main reducer1pc9、 Thin oil station2 cs10、 Control cabinet & start cabinet1pc11、 Coupling1 set per pc12、 Base of motor & reducer1 set per pcdia. 4.2*13m Cement mill           1.Driving method: Center driving2.Production method: Closed Circuit3.Production capacity: 75-80 t/h (Feeding size of clinker: ≤25mm,synthetical moisture:≤0.5%, Feeding temperature: ≤50 ℃, )Wind speed in the mill: ≥0.5 m/s,Fineness of finished products: 300-350 m2/kg.)4.rotary speed of mill: 16.3r/min5.Effective volume of mill: 143m36.Charging capacity of mill ball: 191t7.cooling water consumption for main bearing: 2×2 t/h8.Thin oil station ( Equipping main bearing )① Model: XGD-A2.5/140② Cooling water consumption: 2.4m3/h③ High-pressure oil pump: Flow: 2.5L/min Pressure: 32Mpa Motor: Y112M-6  Power: 2.2kw④Low-pressure oil pump: Flow: 40L/min  Pressure: 0.6Mpa Motor: Y100L-4   Power: 3kw⑤Electric heater: SRY2-220/4  Power:3×4kw⑥Control box of thin oil station connecting with DCS commuication9.Model of main motor: YRKK900-8  Power: 2800kwRotary speed: 745 r/min    Voltage: 10kvProtection degree: IP44Model of oil station: XRZ-10Cooling water consumption: 0.6m3/hFlow : 10L/min     Pressure:0.4MpaMotor: Y801-4B    Power: 0.55kwPower of electric heater: 2kw10.Main reducer JS140-A ( Sichuan Gearbox Plant )Transmitted power: 2800kw       Input rotary speed: 740r/min Output rotary speed: 16.3r/min11.  Model of slow-speed driving device: JMS660Motor power: 37kw   Rotary speed of motor: 740r/min12.  oil station ( Equipment main reducer )①Nominal floe: 350L/min②Model of oil pump: XBZ-350③Motor power: 11kw④Rotary speed of motor : 1460 r/min⑤Cooling area: 20m3⑥Cooling water consumption : 32t/h⑦Power of heater: 4×6=24kwφ4.6×14m Cement Mill Technical Performances of φ4.6×14m Cement Mill(Central Driving)A. Technical Performances1. Specification: Ф4.6×14m2. Grinding method: closed circuit(with O-sepa separator)3. Capacity:  140-150t/h(inlet granularity ≤25mm,inlet comprehensive moisture content ≤1%,inlet temperature ≤60℃,finished product fineness ≥3500cm2/g)4. Rotating speed: 15.1r/min5. Grinder load: 280t(Max.290t)6. Main motor: YRKK1000-8Rated power: 4500kW  Rated rotating speed: 745r/min, Rated voltage: 10KV7. Main reducer:  JS160-CTransmission power: 4500kW,rated rotating speed: 745r/min,output rotating speed: 15.1r/min8. Slide shoe bearing lubrication thin oil station:Type: XGD-A2.5×2/80QTY: 2pcsMain parameter:High pressure pump: Y112M-6 Power: 2.2×2kW    2.5L/min   32MPaLower pressure pump:  Y112M-4 Power: 3×3kW   80L/min9. Slide shoe bearing cooling water consumption: 2×4m3/h10. Equipment weight: 350t(except motor, reducer and grinder)B.  Weight of spare part & supply range1. Loading device (including bracket) 5930kg2. Slide shoe bearing (2sets) total weight: 35900kgIncluding:Supporting bush: ZG270-500 5800kgBabbitt alloy ZSnSb11Cu6  500kgConcave sphere, convex sphere   34CrNi2MoA   1050kgSphere block  ZG310-570  4500kgBottom plate  Q235-B  Thickness 85mm  7200kgSupporting idler  45 5600kg3. Rotary section 287000kgIncluding:Shell 103000kgMainly including:Shell steel plate Q235-C  115000kgSlip ring of slide shoe 20g-Z25  19800kg×2Web of slip ring 20g  8950kg×2Liner  Chrome alloy4. Discharging cover 17600kg5. Lubrication system of slide shoe bearing (2sets)  3980kg6. Main motor  YRKK1000-8  Rated rotating speed: 745r/min,rated power: 4500kW, rated voltage: 10KV7. Reducer: JS160-CTransmission power: 4500kW,rated rotating speed: 745r/min,output rotating speed: 15.1r/minMain reducer system weight: 110000kg 8. Total equipment weight: 350000kg(except grinder & driving device)Ф5×15 m Cement MillA. Technical PerformanceMill specification: Ф5×15 mGrinding mode: closed circuit (90% clinker, 5% gypsum, 5% limestone)Capacity:   150 t/h  ( inlet material: ≤25mm(90% passing)Rotating speed:   14.5 r/minLoading of grinder: 350 tInstalled power: 6300 kWDriving: central drivingEquipment weight:  **** t (except main motor, main reducer, lubrication station of slide shoe)B. Weight & material of various parts1. Rotary section: total weight: 387840㎏Material of shell: 20g, thickness of steel plate: 62mmMaterial   slide ring of loading port and discharging port: 20g-Z25, 20gGrate plate of double diaphgram    material: chrome alloy cast steelDiacharging grate plate  material: chrome alloy cast steel Liner  material: chrome alloy cast steel2.Support device of loading slide shoeSupporting bushMaterial of bush: ZG270-500  Material of bush liner: ZSnSb11Cu6Concave sphere, convex shpere   Material: 34CrNi3MoABottom plate    Material:Q235BSupporting idler  Material: 45Slide shoe cover  Material; structural part3. Supporting device of discharging slide shoeSupporting bushMaterial of bush body: ZG270-500   Material of bush liner:ZSnSb11Cu6Concave sphere, convex shpere       Material:34CrNi3MoABottom plate                  Material: Q235BSupporting idler      Material: 45Fixed block          Material:HT200Slide shoe cover        Material: structural part4. Loading device      Material: structural part5. Discharging cover    Material: structural part  6. Erection tool of slide shoe    7. 7. Lubrication station of slide shoe bearingSpecification: GDRH-8/125 High pressure & low pressure thin oil station  2pcsHigh pressure pump motor type: ABB motor    2pcsElectromagnet    220V 5A   one pointHigh pressure pump motor power (Kw): 5.5Nominal pressure of high pressure pump (Mpa):  31.5Nominal flow rate of high pressure pump (L/Min): 8Low pressure pump motor type:  ABB motor  2pcsLow pressure pump motor power (Kw): 5.5Nominal pressure of low pressure pump (MPa):  1Nominal flow rate of low pressure pump (L/Min): 125Electrical heater power(K):4KwX3pcsOil box volume(M3):2.5Filtering accurancy(mm): 0.08Media viscosity(C.S.T):N680Media temperature(℃): 40±3Return oil temperature(℃):≤65Cooling area(M2):20Cooling water temperature(℃):≤33Cooling water pressure(MPa):0.4Cooling water consumption(M3/h): 11.25Cooling water consumption: slide shoe bearing cooling water consumption(M3/h):

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