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Bamboo Beams

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bamboo –Extra B® outdoor beamsBamboo –Extra B® is pressed from bamboo strips which already have been well treated, including boiling, drying, gluing. The elaborate manufacturing process provides the door beams the highest durability. The special squeezing and drying treatment process and high density about 1200 kg / m3 makes the Bamboo –Extra B® harder than most of wood. Bamboo –Extra B® can be milled for the building and projects as hardwood. Bamboo -B® is pressed with low VOC resin and 100% renewable resources - bamboo under high pressure and high temperature.\Bamboo –Extra B® is used across the world in construction and is becoming increasingly more popular for building purposes due to its versatility, beauty, sustainability, flexibility and its incredible strength.Bamboo –Extra B® comes in a variety of dimensions and lengths. Colors include natural and caramel.The colour of the material changes under the influence of wind, rain, frost and sunshine (UV-light). Regular cleaning and maintenance with a Lasur/oil protects the material against this weather related discolourationProduct information:Color: Carbonized only.product codeBevelDimensions(mm)HH-B-011R=540x40x1860/2200HH-B-121R=560x42*1860/2200HH-B-221R=580x42x1860/2200HH-B-321R=5100x42x1860/2200HH-B-131R=560x32*1860/2200HH-B-231R=580x32x1860/2200HH-B-331R=5100x32x1860/2200HH-B-012R=540x40x2200/2200Other sizes  ,contact us to order.Technical characteristicsDensity: 1200~1300 kg/mDimensional stability: width: +0.08%; Thickness: +4.9% (GB/T30364-2013)(4 hours in water 100 °C, 20 hours in electric dry oven 63°C, and then 4 hours in water 100 °C)Hardness:  ≥130 N/mmReaction to fire: Class B1 (GB8624)Breaking strength: 180 N/mm      Bending strength: 130 N/mmHorizontal Shear Strength: ≥16.78 N/mm (GB/T30364-2013)Formaldehyde Emission: E0 standard CE®: Products available with CE® certification

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