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Bamboo Sector Tray

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Name:irregular bamboo home basics Serving Tray with carrying handles The irregular bamboo home basics Serving Tray with carrying handles is distinctively attractive and super strong! Use it to serve up breakfast in bed, wine and appetizers or use as a display tray. It's durable; made of sturdy bamboo.From the original bamboo cutting board company, Totally Bamboo, this tray is a beautiful and functional addition to any kitchen. Bamboo is the natural alternative for all things wood. It is the fastest growing plant on our planet and does not require any special care to grow. In fact, it is a grass that produces more oxygen than a hard wood forest of comparable size, it helps to reduce carbon dioxide gases blamed for global warming, and it helps to prevent soil erosion through its widespread root system and large canopy. At Totally Bamboo, we are proud to say we use only the highest quality bamboo, harvested at the optimum age of 5 years from our own bamboo forests. There are over 1200 species of bamboo; however, we choose to use ''Moso'' timber bamboo for its strength, density and versatility. As an added bonus, it is not a habitat for pandas. Our factories adhere to a very stringent protocol for curing and processing the bamboo, ensuring the highest quality product. We take steps to ensure that our employees are well taken care of and work in a safe and hazard free environment. Our goal is continuous improvement through design, developing new, unique and innovative products which appeal to the environmentally conscious.· Beautiful and unique serving tray; also great to use as a display tray· Constructed of high quality 100% bamboo· Serve up breakfast in bed, wine and appetizers or use as a display tray· Easy to maintain; wash with warm water and occasionally use Totally Bamboo's Revitalizing Oil to extend life and beauty· Dimention:44*35.5*5cm 2.The advantages of bamboo products 1, modeling simple, lightweight, beautiful. 2, the process is simple and easy to realize industrialization. 3, bamboo is an environmental protection material and has the characteristics of "green products". 4, bamboo grain clarity beautiful. 5, good physical properties. 3.Why to choose us 1. We are manufacture more than 10years.Riches resources and have low factory price. 2. We have professional workmanship with high quality 3. Prompt delivery 4. Free sample are available. 5. you can choose your favor size and color

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