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Barium Titanate

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Barium titanate is the inorganic compound with the chemical formula BaTiO3. Barium titanium oxide is a white powder and transparent as larger crystals. This titanate is a ferroelectric ceramic material, with a photorefractive effect and piezoelectric properties. Chemical Properties Other Names: Barium Titanium Oxide              Chemical formula:BaTiO3 Appearance: White Powder                             Molar mass: 233.192 gMelting point: 1,625°C (2,957°F; 1,898K)      Density: 6.02 g/cm3, solid  Barium Titanium oxide is slightly soluble in dilute mineral acids; Dissolves in concentrated hydrofluoric acid; Insoluble in water. Physical PropertiesItemDataMethodParticle size D50 (um)0.5-2.0 Laser MeasurementMoisture(wt%)<0.3 At 105°C (1 Hour) Ignition loss(wt%)<0.5 At 800°C (1 Hour) Crystal Form (BaTiO3)Tetragonal XRDChemical PropertiesTypeBT-1BT-2BT-3SrO(wt%)<0.05<0.10<0.30Fe2O3(wt%)<0.01<0.03<0.10K2O+Na2O(wt%)<0.01<0.03<0.15Al2O3(wt%)<0.10<0.20<0.15SiO2(wt%)<0.10<0.20<0.30Applications: As a basic inorganic dielectric material, Barium titanate is widely used in the area of ceramic capacitor, PTC Thermistor, Wave Filter, Chemical Catalyst, Organic Compound and their performance improvement with excellent dielectric, temperature and chemical properties. . Barium titanate is also a piezoelectric material for microphones and other transducers

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