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Barium Zirconate

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Other names: Barium zirconium Oxide CAS Number:12009-21-1 Chemical formula: BaZrO3 Molar mass: 276.55 EINECS:: 234-546-8 Density: 5.52g/mL at 25 °C (lit.) Melting point: 2500°C Mol File:12009-21-1.molBarium Zirconate Technical ParametersItemUnitBZ - 1BZ - 2BZ - 3BaO/ZrO2 (Mol ratio)1.000±0.011.000±0.021.000±0.03BaO (Free Bao)wt%< 0.1< 0.3< 0.5SrOwt%< 0.05< 0.1< 0.3Na2O+K2Owt%< 0.01< 0.03< 0.1FeOwt%< 0.01< 0.03< 0.1SiO2wt%< 0.1< 0.2< 0.5Al2O3wt%< 0.1< 0.2< 0.5Other contentAdjustableSizeAdjustablePacking25 kg PE liner Kraft paperApplications: Dian Yang's Zirconate powders are widely used in the ceramic capacitor, PTC thermistor, filter, microwave devices, plastic modification, welding, brakes and the field of organic matter's improvement performance with excellent dielectric property temperature characteristics and chemical index.

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