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Product Name:BeaconProduct Function: Bluetooth broadcasting, support for WeChat shake, you can push a variety of informationProduct Size: Length * Width * Height 38.5mm*32.0mm*15.5mmProduct Features: Small size, big wisdom. Cute design, with a rotating shaft design, retractable convenienceUsing Scene: Retail Food: entering payment card Coupon, effectively pulling the promotions a key concern, to buy into long-term customers a high degree of customization capabilities, the phone line ordering checkoutOffline advertising city services: quantifiable advertising, define your service multi-screen interactive guide wire connection capability under cross-boundary flow of people, make the city wiseMuseum area: the wisdom of the tour, so that the exhibits "live" shake up the audience, the better form in the roll out of tickets and maps, tickets and inquiries alleviate pressure museum resort precise near field position, shake out the front of the exhibits highly customizable ability to quickly publish information WeChat system to help build customer information systemSpecifications: Detection range

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