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Beef Protein Mak-pro - Ingredienty. Razvitie

Beef Protein Mak-pro

Product Description

Native collagenic voloknistny beef IAC — Missile Defence ®\protein is the structure-forming component capable to create the protein, thermostable framework which is holding moisture, well connecting fats in the course of heat treatment. Structure: beef protein

Main advantages:

• Improvement of structure of ready-made product the house-keeper and middle class, due to creation of proteinaceous matrix;

• Increase in density and solidity of product;

• The ready-made product keeps form and volume after heat treatment;

• Excludes bulyonozhirovy hypostases;

• Improvement of narezayemost;

• Improvement of kusayemost of product;

• Improvement of quality of product due to improvement of consistence of forcemeat, increase of organoleptical properties of finished goods;

• Improvement of physical and chemical properties of ready-made product of the main raw materials made on compoundings with big replacements and MDM;

• Decrease in cost value of finished goods due to partial replacement of the main raw materials with complete protein of animal origin "IAC - Missile defense ®".

Scope. Use of collagenic IAC — Missile Defence ®\protein in a dry form - for improvement of structure in "weak" forcemeats of boiled and half-smoked sausages the house-keeper of class, collagenic IAC — Missile Defence ®\white is added over compounding in number of 0,3-0,5 kg on 100 kg of forcemeat.

Use of collagenic IAC — Missile Defence ®\protein in the hydrated look - one kilogram of IAC — Missile Defence ®\protein is hydrated in 6-10 liters of cold water depending on raw materials and type of products. It is maintained within 5-10 minutes for fiber swelling. At farshesostavleniya it is possible to replace with the hydrated IAC — Missile Defence ®\protein up to 15% of high-grade raw materials (pork, beef, fowl, etc.). Addition of the hydrated IAC — Missile Defence ®\protein over compounding allows to increase exit of ready-made product. When using of the hydrated protein over compounding it is necessary to count laying of spices and salt.

Use of collagenic IAC — Missile Defence ®\protein in the form of granules - at development of half-smoked, varenokopchenny, uncooked smoked sausages use of granules from collagenic IAC — Missile Defence ®\protein has shown number of advantages:

• Replacement of expensive raw materials on full collagenic granulate;

• Improvement functional and organoleptic properties of ready-made product;

• Decrease in costs of production and increase of exit of finished goods due to decrease in losses at heat treatment.

Production of granules from collagenic IAC — Missile Defence ®\protein - one kilogram of IAC — Missile Defence ®\protein" is hydrated in 6-10 liters of water at temperature 85-90ºС and mix before receiving homogeneous gel. Upon termination of hashing the received gel is unloaded in small container (po10-15kg), and cleaned in cold room for 10-11 hours at temperature from 0ºС to +4ºС. In case of need the received granules can be painted any resolved food colors, to salt, and also to use fragrances.

Dosage - to 3 kg

Organoleptic and physical and chemical indicators of sorbate of potassium:

Indicators: Characteristic and norm:
Appearance: evenly mixed fibrous and powdery weight with availability of easily scattered lumps
Smell, taste and color: from light to light-beige
Humidity, %, no more: 10,0
Mass fraction of protein, % not less: 92-95
Mass fraction of fat, %, no more: 2-6
Mass fraction of the general phosphorus (in terms of P2O5), %, no more: 5,0

Safety indicators: HARDWARE 029/2012 TR "Safety requirement of food supplements, fragrances and technology supportive applications" conforms to requirements of TR of the HARDWARE 021/2011 "About safety of food products".

Packaging: Bags with a net weight of 8 kg.


Storage: To store warehouse in the standard unimpaired pack at temperature not above 20 °C and relative humidity of air no more than 80%.
Expiration date: 12 months from the date of production

Min. Order 10 000 kg
Price 5,15$/kg
FOB St. Petersburg
Min. Order price 51500$

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Company Info

Ingredienty. Razvitie
Contact Person:
Alexey Nasonov


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