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Summary of TD type belt bucket elevator productsTD type belt bucket elevator is suitable for vertical conveying powder, granulated and small block of less grinding absorption material, such as grain, coal, cement, crushed ore, with lifting equipment height top 40 m. TD type bucket elevator is designed and manufactured in strictly accordance with the JB3926-85 standard. The current domestic common bucket elevator are vertical type. TD type belt bucket elevator features as follows: simple structure, smooth operation, harvest type charging, centrifugal gravity discharge as well as the material temperature less than 60 ℃; TD series bucket elevator bucket elevator should be preferable for high transmission efficiency and various hoppers compared with the traditional D type. TD type belt bucket elevator is equipped with four kinds of hopper, namely Q type (light pipe), H type (arc bottom bucket), ZD type (middle deep bucket), SD type (deep bucket). TD series bucket elevator adopt belt + hopper to convey and lift materials, and has been involved in grain, coal, fly ash, cement, crushed ore, quartz sand, carbon and other fields of industry, and obtain very good application.Characteristics of TD type belt bucket elevator1.Small driving power, use inflow type feeding, induction discharge, large capacity of hopper to layout intensively. No back and dig material phenomenon during material lifting, therefore less reactive power. 2.Wide lifting range  This kind of elevator has less requirements for kinds, characteristics of the materials, not only can improve the general powder, small granular materials, and can lift larger grinding materials. Good sealing, less environmental pollution3.Good reliability in operation, advanced design principle and processing method to ensure the reliability of the machine running with trouble-free time more than 20000 hours. High hoisting height, elevator running smoothly, thus can achieve higher hoisting height4.Long Service life, inflow type feeding without using bucket to dig materials, and the extrusion and collision between the materials occur rarely. The machine ensures few scattered material when feeding, discharging in the process of design, reducing the mechanical wear and tear.TD type belt bucket elevator technical parameter table:modelTD160TD250TD315TD400Hopper TypeQhzDSdQhzDSdQhzDSdQhzDSddelivery value(m3/h) widt(mm)160250315400hopper capacity(L) of Buckets(mm)280350360450400500480560belt width(mm)200300400500hopper speed(m/s) amount of material(mm)25354555modelTD500TD630TD160TD250TD350TD450Hopper TypeQhzDSdhzDSdQSQSQSQSdelivery value(m3/h)3870589285891424.78182225425072hopper width(mm)500630160250350450hopper capacity(L)4.899.3151414.623.50.651. of Buckets(mm)500625710300400500640belt width(mm)600700200300400500hopper speed(m/s)1.8211.251.251.25Large amount of material(mm)607025354555

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