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Belt Feeder

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Product Description
Jinfeng Gold Mining Machinery is one of the best belt feeder manufacturers in China, equipped with good factory, welcome to wholesale belt feeder made in China from us.Product Features Belt feeder is a kind of belt conveying equipment, with a shorter length, and a lower belt speed. it is suitable for conveying powder materials.Notes for model selectionWhile placing your order, make sure to specify the belt model and length.The installation position of the motor can be changed to a different direction as required by the customer. If there is no special requirement, the feeder will be made in accordance with standard drawings.We can design and make the feeders in different lengths as per customers' requirementsParameter of belt feederModel(mm) Belt width(mm) Center distance of head and tail wheel(mm) Diameter of Head and tail wheel(t/h) Feed capacity(mm) Feed particleMotor model(kw) Motor Power(kg) Weight500×1000500100021910-1000-50YCT112-4B0.75266500×1300500130021910-1000-50YCT112-4B0.75345500×1500500150021910-1000-50YCT32-4A1.1450500×4000500400021910-1000-50YCT160-4A2.2660650×26006502600219770-50YCT160-4A2.2560800×4000800400021925-2500-80YCT160-4A2.2934800×4500800450040025-2500-80YCT160-4A2.212001000×200010002000400200-4500-75YCT160-4B315491000×250010002500400200-4500-100YCT160-4B321051000×600010006000400200-4500-100YCT225-4A115214

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