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Bengali Restaurants In Kolkata

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A place where people pay to sit and eat meals that space cooked and served on the premises. There are some wonderful Bengali restaurants in kolkata, where you can enjoy genuine and delicious tasting Bengali cooking. Bengali cuisine is a preparation style originating in bengal, a region within the eastern a region of the Indian dry land, which is presently divided between Asian nation and West Bengal. Other regions, such as Tripura, and the Barak Valley region of province (in India) even have big native Bengali populations and share this cooking.

The ubiquitous steamed rice, luchis (deep-fried wheat flatbread) and potato fries form the core of the sweet and savory array of dishes whereas non-vegetarian mainstays like roasted Katla maach (roasted Katla fish), Chingrir Malai Curry (prawn and with coconut curry), and Kosha mangsho (mutton curry) area the tempting add-ons.

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