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Benz Non-asbestos Brake Lining

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Product Description
Hangzhou Zhengli Auto Parts Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China benz non-asbestos brake lining manufacturers,Website:, welcome to wholesale low price benz non-asbestos brake lining made in China from our factory.Detail DescriptionBenz Performance of brake padFunction: excellent braking performance, low noise, long-term Service lifeComposition: non-asbestos Level: 25KPackaging:Carton pallet packaging.Advantages of brake LiningHeat ResistantFirm and solid, durable, not easy to wear and tear.  long serving lifeGood stabilityQuiet and environmentally friendlyIt has good pressure resistance and security in clinic practiceBurdening→Mixed Material→Compression moulding→Heat Treatment↓Drill hole←Inner aregrinding←Kibble←Semi-finish products inspection↓↓Edge grinding→Accurate Grinding→Painting→Finished product testing↓Delivery inspection←Put in storage←PackingThicknessRivetsWideBenz-16017.2/128160Benz-18017.2/128180Benz-22017.2/128220

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