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Benzotriazole Derivative

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Benzotriazole DerivativeT551 Benzotriazole DerivativeProduct IntroductionThe product has good anti-oxidation and copper corrosion inhibition. It is able to form the inactive film or create the chelate complex in combination with metallic ions to prevent metal oxidation.The product is used primarily for turbine oils, oil film bearing oils, industrial gear oils, transformer oils and circulation oils. It is forbidden to mix with ZDDP, otherwise the settling would occur.Reference Dosage The reference dosage is from 0.03% to 0.1%.Specification ITEMTYPICAL VALUETEST METHODAppearanceBrown transparent liquidVisual inspectionKinematic Viscosity (40°C), mm2/sReportGB/T 265Flash Point (COC), °C,130 minGB/T 3536Nitrogen, %   min10SH/T0224Oxidation test (increment),90 minSHT 0193Packing & Storage The requirements of SH/T0164 should be met during the storage, handling and blending. The maximum temperature should not exceed 75℃ . The ambient temperature for long-term storage should not exceed 45℃ . It is non-flammable, non-explosive, and non-corrosive. The precautions in safety, environment control, and application are the same as those of common petroleum products, having no need of special protection

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