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 benzoylmetronildazole With Cas 13182-89-3    (

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High quality and inexpensive  efficient Medicine  Benzoylmetronildazole with CAS 13182-89-3  


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Name: Benzoylmetronildazole

Alias:  Benzoylmetronidazole;Benzoylmetronildazole;Metronidazole Benzoate;2-(2-Methyl-5-Nitro-1h-Imidazol-1-Yl)Ethyl Benzoate;2-Methyl-5-Nitro-1h-Imidazole-1-Ethyl Benzoate;Metronidazolebenzoatemetronidazolebenzoatebp;Metronidazolebenzoate,Powder

CAS: 13182-89-3  

EINECS: 236-131-7

Density: 1.31 g/cm3 

Boiling Point: 579.4°C at 760 mmHg

Flash Point: 304.2°C

Appearance: white powder 

Packing: 1KG foil bag: 25Kg drum

Storage Temperature: 2.88E-14mmHg at 25°C       

InChI: InChI=1/C7H6O2.C6H9N3O3/c8-7(9)6-4-2-1-3-5-6;1-5-7-4-6(9(11)12)8(5)2-3-10/h1-5H,(H,8,9);4,10H,2-3H2,1H3

Manufacturer: NJBNSteroid

Lead time: 1-2 days upon receipt of payment

Delivery Term: Products below 200Kg by air; over 200Kg by ship

Delivery Time: Average 6 days by air; 15 days by ship

Usage : Pharmaceutical intermediates

Standard:enterprise standard


3. Application: Anti-parasitic disease drugs. Amoeba, trichomoniasis and anaerobic infections.



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