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Best Automatic Electric Seed Seasame Pepper Spices Sugar Rice Seed Nut Soybean Mill Grinding Machine

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spice sugar grinder pulverizer for foodProduct DescriptionSugar mill developed by the company itself, the machine is a multifunctional machine, has the advantages of simple structure, strong, smooth operation, easy to clean Xian, good crushing effect, is crushed material can be directly by the host grinding cavity discharge, grain size through the replacement of different aperture mesh sieve to obtain, stainless steel mill for stainless steel materials manufacturing. The inner wall of the mill casing is smooth and smooth on the inner wall of the machine casing, which changes the phenomenon that the inner wall of the previous model is rough and powder, and the production of medicine, food and chemical industry is more in line with the national standard. Stainless steel crusher is suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical, metallurgy, food, construction and other industries. The machine can also be used as the auxiliary equipment of micro grinder and super micro mill. The grinding fineness of general material is 10-120 mesh.Product AdvantageSpecial needle this sugar, brown sugar, gelatin, resin, etc. heat easily weak, hair sticky materials, special research issued this new type of water-cooled type sugar mill. The sugar mill is Shengzhou Xinle Pulverizing Equipment Co., independent research and development, with a number of patented technology products, unique double rotor disc structure, crushing efficiency higher. Products are sold to more than 10 provinces, cities and regions, and exported to the United States, Canada and Europe and other countries, by the vast number of users of all.Working PrincipleMaterial from the hopper by spiral feeder into the crushing chamber, the impact between the high-speed rotating blade (pin) and the fixed tooth ring, shearing and grinding and crushing and powder through the screen discharge chamber, grain size through the replacement of different aperture sieve to obtain.Technical ParameterModel L*W*H Speed Diameter Power Weight Capacity Input size Output size Bearing ZS160 1123*500*96272001602.28010-120<1210-1206205ZS230 1236*500*10675700230418030-200<1210-1206207ZS320 1324*500*111845003207.521050-300<1210-1206207ZS370 1542*743*117639003701123070-300<1210-1206309ZS450 1542*743*1226320045011300100-600<1210-1206309ZS600 1500*957*1275280060022530500-1500<1210-1206312ZS800 1820*1240*1640180080030700800-2000<1210-1206312ApplicationService1. Our company supply not only the host machine of pulverizer, but also supply complete sets of equipment, even powder project. 2. All kinds of wearing parts is available for replacement. 3. We can also special design and produce products according to your demands.4. The information in this document is subject to change without notice.Package & Transportation1. Package products can be transported by both bus and train. It’s not allowed to make big shock or vibration to prevent parts out of shape, lost or damage.2. Storage should be airy, rain-proof and sun-proof. 3. To paint anticorrosion paint if store for a long time.Company InformationShengzhou Xinle Pulverizing Equipments Co., ltdNo.38 Luodong Road, Shanhu District, Shengzhou City, Zhejiang Province, 312400 ChinaWebsite: Email: Tel: +86(0)575-83136228 Fax: +86(0)575-83112030 Mobile:+86(0)15968531666

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