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Best Quality Jasmine Long Grain White Rice 5% Broken Category: Rice

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1. texture: soft 
2. kind: broken rice 
3. variety: long-grain rice 
4. style: dried 
5. color: jasmine



authentic thai fragrance jasmine aromatic 5% broken rice:

jasmine aromatic rice 100% broken a1 extra super (authentic thai fragrance broken rice) from farm and factory



rice sold by the company domestically appears on the market by 2 channels.


>>> directly sale to some of the government organization, thai airway international co., ltd. and sirirath hospital.

>>> all the distinctive hyper and supermarket in thailand, such as carrefour, tesco lotus, makro, big c., etc.


the product of rice which are currently available to supply consists of 5 different type of rice.


>>> jasmine rice (all strains)

>>> white rice (all strains)

>>> glutinous rice (all strains)

>>> value added product, such as, quick brown rice, vitamin plus rice, jasmine green tea rice.

>>> particular species of rice, such as, basmati rice and japonica rice.


products capacity

in the course of the company's production process, milled rice is cleaned to move extraneous material like dust, gravel, sand, and even substandard rice grains that do not meet the specifications of ministry of commerce. it is then transferred to a temperature-controlled silo. then it process to machinery that once removes any remaining stones, gravel or heavy metals, and then to equipment that treats the surface of the individual rice grains to remove fungus or insect eggs that may be attached. the rice is then polished conveyed on to equipment that remove broken grains and separates the grains according to size and using laser apparatus color.


the next step is to transfer graded rice to the machinery that gives it a final check for cleanness and purity, after which it is sent on to a silo where it will await packaging by automatic equipment.


since every stage of the production is carefully controlled by computer, and no human hands come into contact with the rice at any point, the consumer feel confident that it is completely sanitary and healthful.



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