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Best Usb Recharged Heated Skin Wrinkle Remover Beauty Device In China

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Model NO: TB-1409Best USB recharged heated skin Wrinkle Remover Beauty Device in china1. Product Introduction: Heated electric Wrinkle Reducer BT-1409Wrinkle Reducer Product Discription1. High-frequency micro-vibration + heat + ion three function in one, matching with the use of skin care products, has significant skin care effect. 2. Intelligent sensor, vibration starts when touch the skin. 3. The high-tech ion lead-in technology, lead the skin care essence deep into skin, to activate the skin cell and relieve the signs of aging. 4. Micro-vibration massage in High-frequency 280times/second, can activate dermis fibroblasts, increase collagen, and repair the skin elastic fiber. 5. The thermal massage head keep in constant temperature 45 ℃ ± 5 ℃,can help skin activate the cells and make the skin firm and elastic with luster. 6. The massage head adopts bevel design, closely fit skin, can lift and massage fully with no dead angle. It is also used for nourishment of nose, mouth and other parts. 7. Two gears switch use, heating mode and room temperature mode can be switched according to your need. 8. Massage head with transparent circle, which is auxiliary for vibration and heating use 9. USB cable chargeBest USB recharged heated skin Wrinkle Remover Beauty Device in china2. Product parameter : Heated electric Wrinkle Reducer BT-1409Vibration frequency280 TIMES/SUnite    size120*35*25mmOperating  Voltage1.5VBattery USB ChargerPower ≤0.17-2.5W (Massaging Mode -magetic heat ligting mode)Operating Current 40mA-500mAMaterialABSN.W.47G temperature45℃±5℃3. Product Feature : Heated electric Wrinkle Reducer BT-1409Face massager structure  4. Shipping and Servicing : Heated electric Wrinkle Reducer BT-14095. Recommendations: Heated electric Wrinkle Reducer BT-14095 in 1 Rechargeable Sonic Skin Cleasning brush Home use Heated electric Wrinkle Reducer Portable Electric heated Breast Care Device6 in 1 rechargeable Foot Callus RemoverRechargeable portable Anti-aging Portable Device

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