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Bga Reballing Kit Zm5830 Laptop Motherboard Soldering Machine

Product Description

Features introduce                                                         

3 independent control heaters

①  top and bottom heaters are hot-air heating, the third IR preheating area(350x220mm) is infrared heating, temperature accuracy within ±3℃, the top and bottom heaters can set 8 segments rising temperature and 8 segments activity temperature, it can save 100 groups temperature curves for different BGA chips.

②  the top and bottom heaters can heat PCB from upper and bottom side. And the third IR heater can preheat the PCB board, to avoid PCB from deformation during repair process. The top and bottom heater heat independently;

③ the IR power consumptions of the third IR heater can be adjusted, make PCB board heating evenly, to avoid from deformation;

multi-functional hommization system

① Adopt human-machine interface, High-precision K-type thermocouple with close-loop control, automatic temperature compensation system, precise temperature control, the temperature shown on the touch screen, top heater can be moved freely;

② Adopted all kinds of BGA nozzles, with 360° rotation, easy for installation and replacement, customized is available;

③ There is BGA soldering support shelf to support PCB board;

④ Multi-functional PCB support shelf, can be moved along X axis,with rapid and easy PCB board positioning , suitable for all kind of PCB position;

⑤ powerful cross-flow fan cool the PCB board fast after desoldering and soldering, it can prevent the PCB board from deformation; with vacuum pump and external vacuum suction pen to pick up the chips conveniently.

Superior safety functions

With CE certification; after desoldering and soldering, there is alarming. when temperature goes out of control;the circuit will automatically power off, it is of double over-temperature protection function. Temperature parameter has a password to avoid fom arbitrary changes, with superior safe protection functions, it can protect PCB board’s components and the machine from damage at any abnormal situation。

Specifications and technical parameters                                                       

●power:AC220V±10%     50/60Hz                   

●Total Power:Max 4500 W  

●Heater power:top heater 800 W     bottom heater 1200 W     IR heater 2400 W

 ●Electrical materials: Touch screen+PLC Temperature module

 ●Temperature control: K-type thermocouple (Closed Loop), temperature accuracy within ±3℃

 ●Positioning:    V-groove, PCB support

PCB size:  Max 350×330 mm    Min 50×50 mm

DimensionsL540×W590×H640 mm

Weight:  30 kg

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