Biolase Waterlase Iplus All Tissue Laser -

Biolase Waterlase Iplus All Tissue Laser

PRICE: 15500 USD
Product Description

Biolase WaterLase iPlus All Tissue Laser

iPlus Breaks the Dental Speed Barrier

- Faster than the drill, without the delay of anesthetic
- Patented laser technology delivers 10 watts of power
- Up to 100 pulses/sec. for superior soft-tissue cutting
- Enables multi-quadrant same-day procedures

iPlus is Easy to Use with its Intuitive Graphical User Interface

- For example performing a Class I Cavity Prep the iPlus™ is as easy as 1,2,3...
  Step 1: Select "Restorative" from the first screen
  Step 2: Choose "Class I" from the next screen that appears automatically
  Step 3: Specify any other concerns such as patient sensitivity or bond strength.Roger Levin

iPlus Provides Great Return on Investment

- A fantastic tool to increase production!" – Roger Levin
- Increases treatment acceptance of day-to-day restorative cases
- Attracts new patients
- Increases productivity and enables new procedures.

iPlus Enables Painless Biological Dentistry

- Painless ,no shot necessary
- No micro-fractures or thermal damage
- NO cross contamination as with bur
- More precise, minimally invasive

iPlus includes iLase 940nm Diode Laser Docking Station

- Adds dual wavelength versatility and convenience
- First totally wireless dental laser
- 5 Watts peak power with ComfortPulse™
- Battery operated with finger switch activation
- Exclusive bendable tips in many diameters & lengths
- Single use for NO cross contamination

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