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Biotin Crystalloid

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Are you going to wholesale biotin crystalloid from a professional biotin crystalloid producer and supplier? it is one of the well-known biotin crystalloid manufacturers in China, welcome to contact our factory.Vitamin H is used in cell growth, the production of fatty acids, metabolism of fats, and proteins. It plays a role in the Kreb cycle, which is the process in which energy is released from food. Biotin is necessary for the formation of fatty acids and glucose, which are used as fuels by the body. Biotin also helps to break down amino acids and carbohydrates in the body.  ItemsSpecificationResultsAppearanceA White or off-white crystalline powderConformContent of related substanceComply with EP5ConformIdentificationCorrespondConformClear and colour 0.01g/ml solution (in 4g/l NaOH) is clear and colourlessConformHeavy metals≤10ppm

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