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Bismuth Titanate

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Brief Introduction Bismuth titanate (Bi4Ti3O12) is a main additive for electronic industry, piezo-resistor, capacitor and etc. Bismuth titanium Oxide is the best substitute of lead glazing with wide usage in medicine, radiography of artificial bone. Bismuth titanate can improve the refractive index of glass and property of ceramic materials; The Bismuth titanate is widely used in welding consumables industry. The main properties of our products are better than similar products at home and abroad. Chemical Identity Chemical formula: Bi4Ti3O12 and Bi12TiO20 CAS Number: 12010-77-4                       ChemSpider:10637934 EC Number:234-564-6                          Molar mass: 1171.5 Density:7.95 g/cm3                           Insolubility in waterBismuth Titanate technology parametersItemUnit RemarksBi2O3AdjustableTiO 2AdjustableFe2O3wt%<0.01<0.1<0. 5Na2O+K2Owt%<0.01<0.1<0. 5PbOwt%<0.01<0.1<0. 5SiO2wt%<0.01<0.1<0.5Ignition-Losswt%<0.5<0.5<0.5Other contentAdjustableSizeAdjustablePacking25 kg PE liner Kraft paperApplicationsBismuth Titanate is widely used in PTC Thermistor, Resistor, Capacitor, Piezoresistor, Flux Electrode

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