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Bjdmd Series End Face Grinder

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Model: BJDMD Series End Face Grinder        Model BJDMD Series End Face Grinder is a strong grinding-type face grinder especially designed for grinding specialized households, knife sharpening centers or the manufacturers with large use level of blades and blade manufacturers in printing, lumber and paper-making trade. This machine is mainly in form of double-housing construction and its traveling adopts hydraulic device of step less speed regulation.      Besides, it is also equipped with grinding wheel automatic feeding device, and there are two kinds of lifting device on grinding head, including manual and motor. For  its traveling guide track, it adopts rolling beeline guide track. Furthermore, this machine is also equipped with two kinds of blade-rectifying device with adjustable  grinding angle from 0 to 90 degree. For the adoption of hydraulic device for traveling, high-quality parts of grinding-head, motor power of grinding-head and large diameter of grinding wheel, it ensures the characteristics of stable running and big grinding force. So it is the updated strong grinding-type          Technical Data No.DescriptionSpecification & TypeBJDMD1650BJDMD2200BJDMD31001Max. grinding length1700mm2200mm3100mm2Size of grinding wheel200mm300mm300mm3Width of grinding blade160mm200mm4Rotation angle of worktable905Moving speed of grinding-head2-10M/minute6Outside dimensions (Length X Width X Height )2800X1050X1500cm4400X1050X1500cm5300X1050X1500cm7Weight1600kg3200kg4000kg8Motor power of grinding-head3kw7kw7kw

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