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Bjqzx-920 Paper Cutting Machine

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Model: BJQZX-920    Introduction This machine is with  7inch computer and the computer have 30 groups program and each program has 126  cutting capacity. The paper pusher is driven by LG converter and the speed of  paper pusher can reach 10 meters per minute. The clamp is driven by hydraulic  system and the clamp pressing pressure can be adjusted according to different  type of paper. We use SIEMENS AC contactor, Toshiba Bridge Rectifier, Omron PLC,  Schneider Travel Switch and LG Air Switch. This machine is combined with program  function and at price level of digital display paper cutting machine. It is  very suitable for small and medium scale printing and packing enterprise. The  password can be set in advance. When this machine is used for some time, the computer  will be locked and after final customer clear all payment then clear password.  It can lower the reseller’ business riskFeatureHigh quality casting part made by resin bonded  sand way.Chrome-plated slot-less working table installed  with double imported linear guide and air cushion.Mechanical assistance device for knife  replacementOverload protection safety deviceInfrared photoelectric protection deviceKnife cutting only operated by pressing two  buttons at same timeFluorescent lamp and cutting line indicatorEjective device for knife barUse imported components in Hydraulic systemUse imported electronic units like Siemens,  TOSHIBA, ORMON, LG, Schneider and FotekOmron PLC controlDriven by LG converter, the maximum speed of the  back gauge is 10 m/minUse imported Mechanic components like NSK  BearingSingle Hydraulic Technical DataModelBJQZX-920The Code Of Way Of TransmissionMCutting Width (mm)940Cutting Length (mm)940Cutting Height (mm)120Front Table Length (mm)610Front Table Height (mm)930Power Consumption Of Main Motor (KW)3Max. Clamping Pressure (dan)3500Cutting Speed (times/min)42Net Weight (kg)2300Gross Weight (kg)2500Overall Dimension L × W × H (m)2.3×2.1×1.5Packing Size  L × W × H (m)2.3×1.42×1.9Spare parts (Free) SERIAL NO.DESCRIPTION     PHOTOQUANTITY1Knife1 PIECES2Seal Ring1PIECE3O Shape Ring1 SET4Bakelite10 PIECES5V Shape Belt1 SET6Air Pearl On Panel20 PIECES7Brake Lining    1 SET8Screw Used To Load Knife                     (12 × 25 mm)1 SET9Spring Of Oil Pot1 SET10Proximity Switch1PIECE11Filter1 PIECE12Hydraulic Pressure Gauge1 PIECE13Racket For Knife Loading1 PIECE14Travel Switch For Paper Pusher1PIECE15Travel switch for treadle1PIECE16AC Contactor1PIECE17Safety Screw                  (12 × 45 mm)20 PIECES18Button1 PIECE19False Clamp1 PIECE20Handrail For Sorting Paper1 PIECE21Tool Box1 SET

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