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Bjsl-1060a Die Cutting And Creasing Machine

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Model:BJSL-1060A Auto Die Cutting & Creasing Machine    Introduction  BJSL-1060A automatic die cutting and creasing machine is pivotal equipment, which is designed for die cutting, creasing and cold embossing paper products such as paper cassettes, box board containers, paper trademarks etc. Unique drive gears are adopted such as high-precision indexing mechanism, pneumatic frame lock, pneumatic clutch, overpower protection, manual pressure adjust system, etc. To ensure stable and high speed running of, the machine is equipped with practical and reliable mechanisms such as pre-stack device, secondary delivery mechanism, manual sampling, etc., which ensure the excellent performance of the machine. Electrical components and driving elements of internationally known brands are adopted to ensure die cutting precision and reliability of running. Also man-machine interface is used to monitor the machine state to display running status, trouble location, and troubleshooting and relevant help information to fully realize man-machine communication.Technical Parameters:      Max. sheet size1,070 x 790mmSheet specification100-2,000 g/m2Min. sheet size450 x 360mmCorrugated board≤4mmMax. die cutting size1,060 x 780mmMax. speed7000P/HMax. die cutting pressure250TMin. gripper margin5mmFeeding Pile Height1380mmDelivery Pile Height1100mmMain Motor Power11kwTotal power18KWDie Cutting Precision±0.1mmTotal weight16TOverall dimension(L×W×H)4790×2705×2060mm (exclusive of pre-loading unit and pedal)Super heavy paper feeding mechanism  ·Louver feeding mechanism,  Max. speed: 135 S/M  ·Independent preloading unit, maintain working pile freely when stacking on  preload pallet  ·Adjustable side blowers  ·Double Circuit Power-off Protection to prevent Feeder From Accidental Crash, Stable and Liable  ·Mechanical Double-sheet Inspection Mechanism  ·Japan Nitta Conveying belts  ·PLC and Notch Switch Control  Whole Machine Timing  ·Side lay and front lay detect  paper position  ·Programmed Control Pump Start,  Ensuring Each Paper Reaches  Front Lays Precisely, When Start  The Machine At Any Time,  Reducing Make-ready Time Greatly.  ·Double-sheet Malfunction Take Place, Time-delay Stop to ensure Taking paper out  of the Machine from the Conveying Unit  ·All Side guides and Front Guides Equipped with Detection Sensors  ·Main and Vice feeding pallets Switch automatically, Realizing non-stop feeding  ·Strong power sucking feeder, 4 pick suckers and 4 feed suckers, suckers angle can be adjusted according to the curve of paper  ·Suckers and valve made of super hard alloy  ·Super power feeder, can work on 2000gsm cardboard and 4mm corrugated paper  easily  2. Die Cutting Unit    ·40 Cr shaft  ·Worm 40 Cr quenched  ·Photoelectric sensor monitor frame  position, pneumatic lock mechanism  ·Machine base, wall plates, top and  bottom tables are made of QT60  resin-bonded sand technical nodular  graphite iron casting.  ·Die frame can be turn over  ·Main drive base oil chilling and lubricating system  ·super-hard anode alumina alloy gripper  bars and precise positioning structures (5 groups)  · Import high strength double-pitch gripper bar chain  ·230° precision index  ·Import synchronous belt and wheel  ·230°+130°intermittent scissors die cutting  ·Italian air clutch and brake mechanism  ·80F vacuum pump  ·5+2mm combination super hard steel plates or 7mm super hard steel plates(optional)  ·Adjustable frame  ·Centre-line die cutting positioning system  ·Manual barring mechanism  ·grippers position micro-adjust mechanism  3、Delivery Unit  ·Manual Vice Delivery Mechanism, reliable and convenient  ·Auto trimmer, hair bush pressure adjustable  ·Involution photoelectric sensor to prevent delivery pallet from going too high and paper rolling up  4、Chain Driving  ·Main drive chains from Renold, UK  ·Import oil-retaining nylon chain guider  5、Motors  ·Main feeding motor and main delivery motor are both double-speed, improving  working efficiency;  ·Main feeding motor is retard motor with frequency control, stable and reliable  ·Main feeding motor and main delivery motor CHENG PANG, Shanghai, 1.1KW  ·Main Motor TECO, Taiwan,11 KW  ·Pump motor 3 KW  ·Oil pump motor 0.4KW  6、Whole Machine Electric Control:  ·China INOVANCE PLC  ·Japan FUJI true color 5.5 inch man-machine interface  ·Japan OMRON time checking sensor, Swiss front lay and side lay sensors,  BEDOOK photo sensors;  ·SMC electromagnetic valve  ·Japan TOSHIBA frequency converter  ·There are 28 detection points monitored by PLC on the machine:main feeding pallet  top limit, main feeding pallet bottom limit, feeding paper pile top limit, feeding paper  over high, main delivery pallet top limit, main delivery alarm, main delivery bottom  limit, front lay sensors(2), side lay sensors(2), delivery safe check, idle sensor, counter sensor, torque abnormal check, involution control, frame take-out check, steel plate draw-out check, delivery chain check, front window check, back window check,  double-sheet check, paper feeding angle check, paper feeding safe check, paper conveying abnormal check, oil pressure check, synchronous belt skip tooth check, air pressure check.  7、Lubrication System  ·Taiwan automatic recycle oil pump lubrication system  ·Powerful base oil chiller  ·Japan SMC air circuit system

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