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Black 1600-30ht Anticorrosion High Temperature Pipe Wrap Tape

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If you are looking for China golden supplier and China good supplier black 1600-30ht anticorrosion high temperature pipe wrap tape, good quality and high quality black 1600-30ht anticorrosion high temperature pipe wrap tape, please feel free to contact Jining Qiangke Pipe Anticorrosion Materials Co.,Ltd.DescriptionThe 1600-30HT anticorrosion high temperature pipe wrapping tape is designed for the corrosion protection of new and existing pipelines with a maximum operating temperature of 250°F(121°C).The products can be used for both buried and above ground applications, and the product is suitable to resist UV irradiation.The coating layer consists of a cross-linked polyethylene backing and a cross-linked elastomeric adhesive capable of maintaining long-term protection at elevated temperature. System ComponentsPrimer layer #1619                                           #1600 HTPercent solids: 20                                            Thickness: 30 mils(0.762 mm)Flash point: 7°C (+45°F)                                    Tensile strength: 40 lbs/in(70 N/10 mm)Elongation: 500% Product Construction1600-30HTBacking   10 mils(0.254 mm)Adhesive  20 mils (0.508 mm) FeaturesExcellent adhesion to pipe and selfCan be applied over a wide temperature rangeGood conformability and consistent uniform thickness Easily applied with no special equipmentCompatible with common pipe coatingsExcellent resistance to cathodic disbonding Product Advantages System ComponentsProven cross-linked backing formulation for long term temperature resistance and flexibility up to 248°F (120°C)Long-lasting performance.User-friendly application to new or operating pipelinesSave time and Money.Manufactured at ISO certifiedFacilityReliability and Safety.Shear Resistance at elevated temperatureProvides high functional performance and safety.High operating temperature ratingTop performance in demanding conditions.Plant or in-field applicationFlexible and conformable backing for easy plant or field application. PropertiesTensile strength:40 lbs/in(70 N/10 mm)Elongation500%Peel Adhesion to Primed Pipe40 N/cmto backing17.8N /cmDielectric Strength40 KVCathodic Disbandment9.5 mm radiusImpact resistance3.2JVolume Resistivity1.2 x 1015 ohm.cmWater Vapor Transmission Rate0.06g/M2/24hWater Absorption Rate< 0.08%Serve temperatuere-30 to +120 ℃

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