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Block Rubber Coated Magnets

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Product Description
Introduction Of Block Rubber Coated MagnetsThis kind of rubber coated magnets used for securing objects to magnetic surfaces. The pad comes with an thread stud with locking nut which is ready to fix. They are the preferred choice for applications involving fixing roof signs to vehicles and signs to steel surfaces. These magnets are designed to give a extremely high resistance to shear forces, whilst also exerting high magnetic performance.  Technical Parameters Of Block Rubber Coated MagnetsSpecification Of Block Rubber Coated MagnetsHere are some popular specifications for the rubber coated magnets.Application of Block Rubber Coated Magnets Rubber coated magnets can give great durability and high friction when needed to keep them from slipping on surfaces. The arrangement of magnets and external rubber coating are ideal for being used on smooth surfaces to prevent these from serious pinching accidents. The rubber coated magnets are recommended for painted or varnished articles, or for applications where a strong magnetic force is needed, without marking or scratching surfaces.

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