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Blood Meal

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Blood Meal Common names Blood meal,Website:, blood flourDescription: Blood can be collected during the slaughter of various livestock species (cattle, pigs, chickens, etc.) under a wide range of conditions. It is usually dried and made into blood meal so that it can be handled and incorporated into rations more easily. Blood meal contains mostly protein and is used to supplement diets based on cereal grains, plant by-products and forages. It has been shown to be a satisfactory replacement for other protein sources in various animal production diets for dairy cattle, beef cattle, sheep, pigs, poultry, various fish species and silkworms. However blood meal is not very palatable and its amino acid content is imbalanced. It is not advisable to include high rates of blood meal in livestock diets. Specification:   Items Index Crude Protein82.0% MinCrude Ash4% MaxMoisture9.0% MaxSalt10.0% MaxFat8%Maxnitrogen (VBN), mg/100g≤35Ca0.1~0.5%TP0.15~0.5%Crude Fiber≤2.0%Lysine≥8.0%Threonine≥2.5%Salt (table salt)≤3.5%Raw materials:100% chicken blood or pig blood. Capacity:3000mt/month. Delivery time: Usually within 15working days upon receipt of the deposit. Min Order Quantity: 20MT in one 20FCL. Packing: 25kg or 50kg PP woven or paper bags and we can also do as your requirement.

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