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Bonded Ring Ndfeb Magnets

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Product Description Product nameBlock Bonded NdFeB magnetsMaterialBonded Neodymium-Iron-BoronGradeBN-6CoatingBlack epoxyShapeRingDimensional Tolerance+/-0.05mmMagnetization Direction4-Poles on ODTemperature Range (Deg C)0 to 100Remanence(Br)550-620 mTCoercivity>600 kA/m(BH) max44-56 Kj/m³Pull strengthApprox. 5 lbsAdviseThis is not a toy. Inappropriate use might cause injury.Bonded Neodymium magnets are made of the powerful Nd-Fe-B material mixed into an epoxy binder. The mix is appropriately 97 vol% magnet material to 3 vol% epoxy. The manufacturing process involves combining Nd-Fe-B powder with an epoxy binder and compressing the mixture in a press and curing the part in an oven. Since the material is formed by compression bonding, the dimension typically vary. Our dimensional tolerance is about +/- 0.05mm.Bonded Neodymium material is isotropic, so it can be magnetized through any direction, including multi-polar arrangements. Because the material is in an epoxy binder, it can be machined on a mill or ceramic magnet materials. Significant size reductions can be achieved because Bonded Neodymium material is approximately 3 times stronger than ceramic magnet material. In addition, since Bonded Neodymium material is isotropic, it can be magnetized multi-polar, such as a N-S-N pattern on the outer diameter of a ring.Various magnetization we can do.Packaging & ShippingDeliveryAll available shipping ways could be applied, by courier, by air or by sea.Appointed shipping company or our own forwarders all could be used in shipment.Full-way tracking the cargo for you before the goods arrive. Our ServicesOur advantage1. Thin wall ring (The wall thickness< 1.5mm)2. Special shape magnet and magnetization (skew, radiation, arrow magnetization...)3. 10 years experience in manufacturing.4. Professional R & D members to support.We can provide1. Best package: Any requirement for package can be satisfied.2. Fast reply: All your inquiry will be replied within 24 hours.3. Reasonable price: we are direct manufacturer and able to offer better price.4. Good quality: we are experienced in quality control.5. Full-way tracking the cargo for you before the goods arrive.Buyer's guideIn order to quote you the best price quickly, pls kindly provide us below information1. Degree. More degree information you can find here. 2. Product size, grade, coating.3. Order quantity.4. Attached the drawings if customized.5. Any special packing or other requirements.Company Information We are professional manufacturer of Bonded Neodymium Magnet, and own professional Quality Control System.FAQ1. Is Bonded Neodymium material an alternative for ceramic magnets when greater performance is needed?Bonded Neodymium material produces almost twice as much flux density as anisotropic ceramic magnets (grades 5-8), so substituting Bonded Neodymium material is a fairly safe way to extract greater performance from a device. Resistance to demagnetization for Bonded Neodymium material is also twice that of ceramic, so the bonded neodymium part can be half as thick as the ceramic magnet without a loss of performance. If possible, the steel parts onto which the bonded neodymium magnet is mounted should be twice as thick to carry the additional flux efficiently.2. What is the maximum service temperature of bonded neodymium material?The maximum would be 150 °C (300 °F), because the bonder holding the magnet together softens.3. What is the minimum thickness that a bonded neodymium magnet can be pressed to?Thin wall ring is our superior products. Answer as a general rule, figure on

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