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Bopp Pet Pvc Extrusion Lamination Machine

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If you are looking for new design, full automatic bopp pet pvc extrusion lamination machine, or you are going to import high speed PLC control products from a such factory, or you are planning to check the price with a such golden supplier, with large output bopp pet pvc extrusion lamination machine for sale and providing with bopp pet pvc extrusion coating lamination machine, bopp pet pvc multilayer extrusion lamination machine, bopp pet pvc extrusion lamination coating plant, bopp pet pvc co-extrusion laminating machine on promotion, Yuzhe Intl Trading Company is always at your service. HLM110-1600 PVC Extrusion Laminating Machine A. Main Technical Parameters 1. Feeding canister and pole: diameter 110mm, L/D ratio: 32:1, material: 38CrMoAl. hardening and surface Treated with Nitrogen (NT),enhanced double mixing type with large output; 2. T-die: (advanced type featheredge mould , material :5CrNiMoV,hardening and tempering which dealt with Chrome ); 3.The gear box adopts high strength hard tooth surface reduction ,which has the features of high obturation and more reliable; 4. Applying intelligent temperature control system; 5. Substrate requirement: 80gsm-300gsm roll base material; 6. Raw material: PVC;  7.Coating width range: 1000-1600mm; 8. Coating film thickness: 0.012-0.085mm (single layer); 9. Coating evenness : error±6%; 10. Stripping Strength: 3-5N/30MM(according to the actual coating material). 11. Max extruding output: 220kg/h(Single group); 12. Mechanical speed : 0-120m/min; 13. The unwinding frame adopts the run over way of double shafts turning and winging with high speed. It can change rolls without reducing speed and tension is automatically controlled by vector inverter (imported PLC ).The rectifying system adopts trolley type automatic pneumatic rectifying device with rectifying journey: ±100mm and deviation rectifying precision: ±0.5mm; 14. Winding adopts centre type winding system with inverter control; 15.Pedestal of extruder can move automatically front and back; 16. Automatic meter-counting device of winding system; 17.Max diameter for winding: 1200mm , max diameter for unwinding:1000mm;   18. Pneumatic shaft for winding and unwinding: 6”; 19. Ceramic heater applying for screw and barrel and each zone with overload short circuit device ; 20. Stainless steel inside heat die and each zone with overload short circuit device ; 21. Gross power: about 160 kw; 22. Overall size(L×W×H): 8500mm×8200mm×3200mm; 23. Weight: almost 20000kg. Extruding system Item Name Q’ty 1 Extruder structure One set 2 Barrel& Pole(diameter:90mm,32:1,mixer zone ,Jinli brand -zhejiang) One set 3 T-die(JINGCHENG die with inside heating ,advanced featheredge mould) One set 4 Gear Box ,high-strength hard tooth surface reduction(KEWEI) One set 5 Main motor of extruder (37kw,WANNAN motor ) One set 6 Inverter(37kw,INVT.) One set 7 Smart temperature control system (OMRON Japan BRAND) Whole sets 8 Screw and barrel Ceramic heater (XINLONG) Whole sets 9 Stainless steel inside heat device for Coating mould Whole sets 10 Extruder with adjustable function and move controlled by air One set 11 Urgent stop and reset equipment One set 12 Self-motion loader system (QIANGSHENG with drying system) One set

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