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Boring Machine Driving Gear

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The product name:Rock cutting tooth、No Spark of hard rock spin cutter Model:U260JMGThe product features:1.Cutter body use special alloy structural steel, high hardenability, good tenacity, it shaped little when hardened fire, and it also have high creeping strength and lasting strength under high temperature.2. Cutter’s alloy head use special hard rock alloy( patent), outside structure use coronary step type(patent), it can protect the body’s abrasive resistance efficiently.3.The No spark of wear–resisting layer is Cladded on the Matrix’s tooth end, and its surface hardness is above 60HRC, and cutter handle hardness is from 38 to 42HRC.4.Use alloy flank technology body and hard alloy welding(patent), its shear strength is not less than 260MPa, filling ration of materials in welding gap are on above 90%, it is 2 times than national standard.5.Spinning by itself, make alloy and body be abrased on averagely.6.The No spark of alloy wear–resisting layer which is Cladded behind the alloy body , use medium " no spark", the cutter body is wear-resisting very much.7. Alloy head capOur market leading cap carbide tips are best suited for soft to medium-hard materials and applications. A valve seat braze joint increases strength and shear resistance. These tips offer superior penetration, and the larger carbide shoulder provides excellent protection against steel wash.The specific size: Φ17.5mm*16mm、Φ20mm*18mm、Φ22mm*20mm、Φ25mm*19mm  Φ30mm*27.5mm8. Alloy head insertInsert carbide tips prevail in high impact conditions or when working with hard materials. These industry leading tips are ideal for penetration applications where steel wash is not an issue.The specific size:Φ16mm*24mm、Φ19mm*25mm、Φ19mm*29mm、Φ20mm*28m、Φ20mm*30mm、Φ22mm*30mm Φ22mm*34mm、Φ25mm*35mm、Φ25mm*38mm 、Φ27mm*35mm、Φ27mm*38mm 、Φ30mm*38mm9.SPARk RESISTANTSpark Resistant tools reduce the likelihood of frictional ignition caused by tool impact during the mining process. A carbide ring placed just below a carbide cap covers all exposed steel on the nose of the tool. Spark Resistant tools are ideal for coal mines with high methane levels. NOTE: Frictional ignitions may still be possible and methane levels should always be monitored closely, regardless of tools used. Ensure proper maintenance of water sprays at all times.

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