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Boro 3.3 Clear Glass Class A Volumetric Flask

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1621T Volumetric Flask, class A, with one graduation mark, with glass or plastic stopper, Boro 3.3 GlassDescription: Volumetric flask is a necked pear-shaped flat-bottomed flask, made of colorless or brown glass, and with ground glass stopper or plastic stopper. Flask purpose is to formulate a solution or accurate precision quantitatively diluted solution. The flask and pipette often used in conjunction.  There are 6 sizes available: 100ml volumetric flask, class A, 200ml volumetric flask, class A, 250ml volumetric flask, class A, 500ml volumetric flask, class A, 1000ml volumetric flask, class A, 2000ml volumetric flask, class A.Material: Boro 3.3 glassColor: ClearKey Product Features:1.Manufactured to class A tolerances2. High quality inert 3.3 borosilicate glass3. Flat bottom volumetric flask has a No. 27 standard taper stopper made from hollow glass - and a long neck style4. Heavy Duty Reusable5. Designed for great shock resistance Specification:Cat.No. Capacity(ml)Capacity Tolerance(±ml)GroundmouthQty/Ctn1621T1000.1012/211441621T2000.1514/23721621T2500.1514/23721621T5000.2519/26481621T10000.424/29241621T20000.624/2912

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