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Box Substation

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FENGDE is a professional box substation manufacturer,Website:, supplier and factory, welcome to check box substation price with us, or import CE power station, power substation, electrical transformers, electrical substation, substation transformer, substation equipment China, and Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, South America, and Russia from us. Box substati  Box substation is a kind of high voltage switch equipment, distribution transformers and low voltage power distribution equipment,which is a factory indoor, outdoor compact type distribution equipment according to the wiring scheme Also the high voltage electricity, step-down transformer, low voltage power distribution, and other functions organically combined together which be installed in totally enclosed and removable steel structure box of moisture, rust, dustproof and ratproof, thermal insulation, fire prevention, guard against theft. Type: Box substation can equip Oil-immersed and Dry type transformer. Feature: *The cabinet adopt aluminum zinc plate processed by CNC machine tools using multiple bending and then connect by bolts. *All operations are conducted in the cabinet door closed *High protection grade, can prevent the clutter and pest invasion *Simple and effective "five prevention" lockout  to prevent wrong operation *Can equipped with VS and VD4 vacuum circuit breaker; *Replace breaker simply,and good performance of handcart swap  *The cabinet can be installed against the wall, also be maintained in the front of the cabinet so can reduce the occupied area *The cable compartment space is abundant, can be connected with a plurality of cables; *Circuit breaker room and cable room can be equipped with heater respectively to prevent condensation and corrosion. Application: It is a new type of complete sets of power distribution equipment instead of civil power distribution room, be used in  mines, factories and enterprises, oil and gas fields and wind power plants

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