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Box-type Fixed Metal Enclosed Switchgear

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Box-Type Fixed Metal Enclosed Switchgear  Box-Type Fixed Metal Enclosed Switchgear adopt SF6 switch as a main switch, be new unitization ,modularization SF6 air-insulated ring net cabinet. It’s suitable for distribution automation , compact and extensible metal-enclosed switchgear.  The switchgear has advantages including a simple structure, flexible operation, easy installation and reliable interlock ,etc. Also provides satisfactory technical solutions to meet different requirements.  HXGN-12 AC metal-enclosed ring main unit is suitable for ring network or terminal power supply systems with power levels of 12kV 3-phase AC 50Hz and used for power acceptance, distribution, overload and short-circuit protection, especially applicable for oil-free and maintenance-free places with frequent operation.    Technical parametersElectrical CharacteristicsRated  votlageUrKV7.21217.52436Insulation levelInsulationUd50/60 Hz, 1 min (kV r ms)2028385070IsolationUd50/60 Hz, 1 min (kV r ms)2332456080InsulationUp1.2/50 μs (kV peak)607595125170IsolationUp1.2/50 μs (kV peak)7085110145195Breaking capacityTransformer off loadA16Cables off loadA31.550Rated currentA400-630-1250630-1250short-time withstand currentIk/tkkA/1s                       25630-1250125020630-125016630-125012.5400-630-1250630-1250Making capacity (50Hz)ImakA                         62.5630NA506304063031.25400-630

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