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Brown Corundum Grinding Wheel

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Among those famous China brown corundum grinding wheel manufacturers, Yinglong Superhard Materials Manufactory is a professional such supplier, welcome to buy brown corundum grinding wheel production with our factory.Brown Corundum Grinding WheelBrown corundum (A) grinding wheel, brown corundum materials, suitable for high tensile strength metal, such as a variety of common steel, malleable iron and hard bronze. It also can be used as advanced refractory.1. Abrasive Material:CategoryFeaturesUsageBrown Corundum(A)High hardness and toughnessIt can be used for grinding medium and high tensile strength metal such as ordinary carbon, steel, alloy steels, malleable cast iron, hard bronze etc.WhiteCorundum(WA)Its hardness is higher than that of the A. Grains are easily broken. The edges of the grains are sharp with excellent cutting performance small quantity is produced.It can be used for grinding harder material and metals sensitive to heat such as chilled steel, high carbon steel ordinary high speed steel, alloy steel .it is specially suitable for the grinding and forming grinding instruments, cutting tools, gears threads, thin wall parts, etcPink Corundum(PA)The hardness is close to WA, but the hardness is higher. The grains are sharp. It is much durable,Used for the grinding of the chilled steel, cutting tools and work-pieces of alloy steel as well as the precision grinding of the measuring tools and parts of the instruments.Mixture of A and WA(A/WA)It possesses the advantage of both A and WAIt is suitable for the grinding of nodular, cast iron crank shaft, cam shafts and other work-pieces.Green SiliconCarbide (GC)With high hardness and brittle. Its grain edges are sharp, and it is of excellent capacity of the heat –transmission.It is suitable for the grinding of the cutting tools and work-pieces of hard alloy, and non-ferrous metal and non-metal materialsBlack SiliconCarbide (C)With high hardness and brittle. Its grain edges are sharp and it is of certain capacity of the heat –transmission.It is suitable for the grinding of non-ferrous and non–metal materials.2. Choice the Grit. SizesGirt SizesUsage4,5,6,8,10,12,14,16,20,22,24,30Rough Grinding and Cutting36,40,46,54                     Common Semi-precision Grinding60,70,80,90,100Common Fine Grinding120,150,180,220,240,W63,W50,W40,W28.W20Polishing and Threading               W14,W10,W7,W5,W3.5,W2.5W1.5,W1.0,W0.5Mirror –surface grinding and Finer Polishing3. To Choose the Bonds:①Vitrified Bond. It is suitable for the cylindrical grinding and ex-circular grinding , center-less grinding .surface grinding and thread grinding ,forming –grinding etc.②Resign Bond. It can used to grind the steel precision grinding of the stones, cutting and polishing, but it should be kept away from alkaline solution4. Hardness.The Hardness of the abrasive tools indicates the difficulty of abrasive tools falling off the surface of the abrasive tools in cutting. Generally, the grinding wheels in soft hardness are used for cutting harder work-pieces, whereas the wheels in a bit higher hardness are used for cutting soft work-pieces5. Structure No.Structure No. is the percentage of the grain volume in the volume of the abrasive tools. The bigger the grain is,the denser the structure is other, the structure is porous .The abrasive tools in the porous structure are characterized by more holes among grains and easily removing metal fillings, and excellent capacity of heat –radiating and burning no work-pieces, the one in dense structure feature well, which can keep the shape well and high clearness of the work-Pieces, also high grinding efficiency.

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