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Bslt Series Offset Sheetfed Inks

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Guangzhou Ayusiink Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China bslt series offset sheetfed inks manufacturers and suppliers with professional factory. Welcome to wholesale silver ink, pantone inks, cmyk offset ink, high pigment inks, soybean oil based inks, offset process color inks from us. Suitable for all kinds of offset printing high quality picture album, elegant packaging decoration and so on,good at high speed sheet fed printing 1.Product Features ● High content of soybean oil, bright and saturated inks colors, high color strength ECO inks. ● High glossy, anti-wear, anti off, quick drying,no skinning on machine, Especially good for printing on high quality coated art paper /uncoated art paper and cardboard paper.       ● Non toxic, low odor, low aromatic content● Clear printing dots,abundant layers, not easy to be dirty● Excellent water-resistance, good mobility and stability on machine 2.Product Name Ayusiink Brand- BSLT Series Process Colors -Yellow        Ayusiink Brand- BSLT Series Process Colors -MagentaAyusiink Brand- BSLT Series Process Colors - Cyan               Ayusiink Brand- BSLT Series Process Colors - Black 3.Use Attentions: 01.Shelf life: three years, after the expiration,if the inks’ technical indexes are still qualified, can be used continually.02.In principle, please use this ink directly on the machine. if necessary to add some auxiliary materials,printing workers should use it  based on the actual situation and combined with many years of printing experience, completely understand the auxiliary materials and side effects.  4. Physical performance index table                                  (Table 1)    Indexes inks          Technical Indexes Resistance Value Viscosity mobility (mm)   setting time (min) drying  on  paper (h) drying  on  glass (h) Emulsion (%) Light  resistance Acid  resistance Alkali  resistance Water  resistance Alcohol  resistance Toluene  resistance Heat  resistance BSLT  yellow/-1 8.5-10.5 35-38 6-8 4-10 ≧70 40-60 3 5 5 4 5 4 4 BSLT  Magenta/-1 9-11 35-38 6-8 3 3 4 3 4 4 5 BSLT  Cyan 9-11 35-38 6-8 7 5 5 5 5 5 5 BSLT  black 10-12 34-37 8-10 6 5 4 5 4 4 5    Light resistance:good—poor(8-1)     others:good—poor(5-1)   (Table 2) Ink density reference in printing Items colors papers  Density L a b △Eab   ≤5 BSLT      process colors Yellow CD1- high quality coated paper 1.02 89.11 -5.25 94.15 2.23 Yellow-1 CD1-high quality coated paper 1.03 89.21 -4.35 93.45 1.33 Magenta CD1-high quality coated paper 1.48 48.02 76.32 -5.02 2.56 Magenta-1 CD1-high quality coated paper 1.49 48.09 75.89 -3.95 1.76 Cyan CD1-high quality coated paper 1.46 56.01 -35.23 -52.41 1.78  Black         CD1-high quality coated paper 1.65 15.98 0.24 2.24 2.59 Remarks: (1)Please use the paper that meets the requirements of ISO12647-2 to test the inks color chromatism. (2) The density in printing is referred to the value of L.a.b in ISO126472,  .                      (3)Above inks printing density is just for reference; In actual printing activity, the inks printing density basics  on the paper color chromatism and paper absorptivity.  (4) Measurement is accordance with ISO12647-2:D50 illuminant,2°observer,0:45 or 45:0 geometry. White backing.    5.Packing method: 1Kg ×12/cartonKindly reminder:All of the above data are based on our current knowledge, and its physical and chemical parameters are determined in the prescribed conditions, which aims to provide general information on the use of our products. In view of the variety and complexity of the requirements for printing, printing, post processing conditions and customer's physical and chemical properties of the product, it should not be considered as a guarantee for the actual printing. (Rights are reserved by Ayusiink)

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