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Buckle Tourniquet

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Buckle Tourniquet Specifications  Breaking strength:Elastic band can bear 250N’s strength, and the disposable combat tourniquet can bear 180N’s strength after connect;Usage method: 1.Open the package, take out the tourniquet, press the button softly, and the fastener will pop automatically;2.Pull the elastic band (20-35cm) out. Please refer to the homeostasis site of the patient;3.Insert the buckle into groove then form a haemostatic sleeve(7-11cm);4.Nest the haemostatic sleeve into the homeostasis site(proximal part of the wound), and then tension the sleeve;5.Press the button after finish the homeostasis, the buckle will pop automatically;FAQ:1. You are international trade company or factory?We are factory;2. What are you MOQ?Different units has different requirement, so you may contact with the service for the detailed information;3. What is your port of origin?We can offer the units to you at any port of China;4. What is the delivery period?Normally, the units will be delivered within 7 days;5. What about your service?We have professional service group on line. Or you can call them if you have any question;6. What about your price?We are the factory. We have enough superiority in this field;

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