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Burn-in Boards, Burn-in Circuit Boards

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Burn-in boards are used to perform electrical stress tests at high temperatures. The process is done to the components prior to regular use to ensure component reliability.With electrical excitation applied to the samples, the PCB burn-in process is usually conducted at 125ºC. The burn-in process is facilitated by using burn-in boards where the samples are loaded. These burn-in boards are then inserted into the burn-in oven which supplies the voltages to the samples while maintaining the oven temperature at 125ºC. The electrical bias applied may either be static or dynamic.As a leading PCB manufacturer, MOKO offer the most reliable Burn-in Printed Circuit Boards in the market today. Give us a call today at 86-755-23725796 or request a free PCB quote online for your burn-in PCB fabrication needs.

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