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Butyl Sealant

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Product Description
1、Description  Butyl sealant is a neutral sealant compose of single butyl rubber with excellent properties of anti-aging,corrosion,oxidation, water resistance, tightness; wide range stretch of deformation and crack especially under low temperature circumstance. 2 Application Scope:   Applies to all kinds of seams, holes and cracks in steel roofs, Butyl Sealant has a perfect tolerance on structure strains results from tough weather such as strong winds. Flood, storming,which often accounts for natural siphonage, i.e. leakage. 3 Advantages:  (1) Butyl Sealant is a permanent sealant with excellent elastic deformation along with steel plate expanding when hot and shrinking when cold, and will not result in sealant peeling off, thus have unmatchable water resistance and tightness properties over silicon sealant.  (2) Butyl Sealant is a neutral sealant without any corrosion for steel plate. It provides protections for crack, seam and bridging.  (3) Butyl Sealant has excellent cost performance and would save about 50% volume over counterpart product.

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