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Butyl Tape

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Product Description
Product Mian Material CAS No MF  Place of  Origin Butyl tape butyl 9003-27-4 BiPb Shanghai, China 1.Description Butyl tape is permanently non-solidation,shows good performance on weather resistance and waterproofing.No flowing under high temperature,no cracking under low temperature.It can be used for damping and protecting the application area.There are 669, 664, 656, 658, 670 and so on.   2. Application Area: Used in the areas such as automotive inside panel barrier,automotive window,automotive interior and sunroof etc.If made in drum:On line applying with the sealant pump,adjust the pressure of th pump according to different temperature to control the diameter of the sealant.If made in tape:remove the release paper,stick the application area and compact it.

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