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Buy Radiesse 1.5ml - K L Cosmetics Stores

Buy Radiesse 1.5ml

PRICE: contract price
Product Description

K L Cosmetics Storessells RADIESSE® 1.5ml and other cosmetic injectables to Clinics, Hospitals, Cosmetic Surgeons,

Doctors, and other licensed medical professionals at reasonable prices. Just purchase RADIESSE® 1.5ml at
K L Cosmetics Stores or phone us to speak to our helpful customer service associates.

Sometimes patients are disappointed with how long the results from their cosmetic injection treatments last, so how can

you give them longer-lasting results? When you buy RADIESSE® 1.5ml for your medical clinic, you can give your patients

smoother and more vibrant skin for up to two years. What makes RADIESSE® 1.5ml last so long? It's the CaHA microspheres in

the RADIESSE® gel. The Calcium Hydroxylapatite in this dermal filler stimulates your patient's body to produce collagen,

which gives their skin structure, filling in hollow areas and smoothing out deep wrinkles.

RADIESSE® is long-lasting, but who can RADIESSE® 1.5ml treatments help? Ordering RADIESSE® 1.5ml can help your patients

ill with diseases like HIV restore structure to their face after they have lost body fat. Buying RADIESSE® 1.5ml can help

your aging patients who want to erase major facial folds and wrinkles like smile lines, marionette lines, and their oral

commissure, or that want to resolve sagging around their chin. You can also purchase RADIESSE® 1.5ml to reshape your

patient's chin and jaw or to fix defects in their mouth or nose area.

When you order your cosmetic injectables, why not buy RADIESSE® 1.5ml to help your patients reach their goals? Purchase

RADIESSE® 1.5ml for an affordable price today at K L Cosmetics Stores.

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Company Info

K L Cosmetics Stores
Contact Person:
Leonard Klein


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