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Bypass Circulating Valve

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Xi'an ZZ Top Oil Tools Co.,Ltd is one of the top level bypass circulating valve manufacturers and suppliers, with professional factory, we are able to produce API and oilfield hydraulic circulating valve, well testing circulating valve, dst hydraulic circulating valve, welcome to contact us. Briefly Introduce:  The H-circulating valve serves as a bypass around the packer or as a circulating valve to circulate a well after testing. When run below a closed valve, the tool serves as a bypass around the packer and helps relieve pressure buildup below the closed valve when it is stung into a production packer. When run above a closed valve, the tool can be used as a circulating valve when the workstring is picked up.    Features and Benefits •Permits passage of wireline tools through its full-opening bore •Requires no pipe rotation to operate Specification Size/in OD/        mm ID/  mm           Working  pressure  / Mpa Service  environment Working  temperature Connection 3 7/8” 98.5 45 70 105 Mud, Crude Oil,  Natural gas with  H2S and acid --29oC ~ +204oC EUE IF CAS      5" 127.5 57

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