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Byxas Newly Fashion Multi-functional Chess Time 398

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BYXAS Newly Fashion Multi-functional Chess time 398●.58 timer rules, meet the FIDE chess rule●.Tournament time, bonus time, delay time, byo-yomi, restrict time, steps are all presettalbe, and saved automatically●.Flag appears once every option ends up●.Alarm & light are presettable after the game over●.Optional read of timer rule and steps●.2pcs AA battery, low battery indicator, extra 10 hours at least can be used in low battery ●.Concealed on/off , rocker button for timer●.Clear display out of 3 meters●.960 chess clock(Fisher Random Chess), pieces can display layout and presettable ●. Display the current chess clock on computer by USB, computer can be connected to the Jumbo Screen to show the every movement of your play.●.Size: 190x110x62mm

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