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C2h3n Methyl Cyanide With A Purity Of 99.9%

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Appearance and properties: colorless liquid, pungent odor.Molecular weight: 41.05Melting point (c):-45.7Combustion heat (kJ/mol):1264.0Relative density (water =1):0.79Critical temperature (c):274.7Boiling point (c):81-82Critical pressure (MPa):4.83Relative vapor density (air =1):1.42Octanol / water partition coefficient of value: -0.34Saturated vapor pressure (kPa):13.33 (27 C)Flash point (c):6Molecular formula: C2H3N (CH3CN)Explosion upper limit% (V/V):16.0[1]Ignition temperature (c):524Explosion lower limit% (V/V):3.0Solubility: soluble in water, soluble in alcohol and other organic solvents.[1]CAS number: 75-05-8The most important is the use of acetonitrile as solvent. Such as butadiene extraction solvent, solvent of synthetic fiber and some special coating solvent. In the oil industry for removal of tar from petroleum hydrocarbons; phenol and other substances used as extraction solvent. A vegetable oil fatty acid solvent in oil industry, and for the reaction medium the crystallization of steroids drugs in medicine. Acetonitrile and water to form two yuan azeotropic mixture used in polar solvent to high dielectric constant: containing 84% acetonitrile, boiling 76 degrees. Acetonitrile is medicine (vitamin B1), aromatic intermediates, manufacturing raw materials are three triazine nitrogen fertilizer synergist also used as a denaturing agent. Alcohol. In addition, can also be used for the synthesis of acetic acid and triethylamine; and in the fabric dyeing; the lighting industry also has many uses.

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