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Can Open Bus Type Encoder

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Product Description
Weihai IDENCODER Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd is one of the leading CAN open bus type encoder manufacturers and suppliers, equipped with one of the famous brands, welcome to buy our customized bulk can bus type encoder in stock and you are also welcomed to check the price, pricelist or the quotation with our factory. ●Working mode programmable◇Able to set single-loop resolution◇Able to set number of turns◇station and terminal resistance can be set◇sturdy, durable and anti-interference Description of the Type:Flange form is clamping flange. Screw hole card slot installationMain dimension:58mmWiring Method:side-out cable shaft diameter:φ10type: single-loop absolute valueresolution: 8192operating voltage: 24VDCCANopen output Description of products:CANopen is an open and standard application layer protocol based on CAN. Not only define application layer and communication profile, but also define professional standard in programmable system, different devices, interface and application sub-protocol.CANopen equipment exploited by professional standards can make products in different companies interoperate.CiA DSP-406 standard adopt each encoder produced by manufacturer and set additional functions standard to each manufacturer.ADK series encoders observe DSP-406 standard. It can set and program encoder work mode(polling mode or automatic mode), count direction,  one-loop resolution, number of laps and other parameters.

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