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Caprolactam Grade Granular Ammonium Sulfate

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Caprolactam grade granular ammonium sulfate Quick Details:Classification:Nitrogen FertilizerOther Names:Ammonium sulfatePlace of origin:Shandong,Website:,ChinaModel Number:GB535-1995Appearance: white granuleMF: (NH4)2SO4CAS NO:7783-20-2Place of Origin:China(Mainland)EINECS NO:231-984-1Molar mass:132.14g/molHS Code:3102210000Application:Used as fertilizer,applied to a variety soil and cropsUsed in textile ,leather,medicine and so onMainly used as the raw material of BLENDING NPKCaprolactam granular product description:Itams:standardNitrogen:21%minMoisture:0.2%maxFree Acid:0.03maxPayment Terms:L/C T/TSample:Free samplesPacking and Delivery:Packing details:50kg/bags 1000kg/bagsDelivery details:prompt shipment Store in a cool、well-ventilated area ,Away from the fire,heat source,Avoid combining ammonium sulfate with acid substance and alkali when stored.Storage areas shall be with the right material for leakage content.It easily decompose poisonous smoke when heated.Features:Easily soluble in water .Insoluble in ethanol or acetone, hygroscopicity.It react with alkalis and release ammonia gasAdvantages:1.Fast release,quick acting2.More efficiency than area, ammonium chloride,ammonium nitrate3.It can make crops thrive and improve fruit quality and yield and strengthen resistance to disaster,can be used for common soil and plant in basic fertilizer ,additional fertilizer and seed manure

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