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Capsuel Size 2-size 4

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Capsuel Size 2-Size 4Enterosoluble Vacant Capsules From HypromelloseThe enterosoluble vacant capsules from hypromellose has effectively overcome the insufficiency of the molecular construction occurancewhen protein encounters conducts an organic integration with the enteric coating,using its surface insufficiency,as a result,the product attains a still higher acid-resistance and more safety.After wrapping the enteric solution the enterosaluble vacant capsules from hypromellose doesn' t change its tenacity,which more facilitates the flling,storage and tronsportaion.Appearance of the enterosoluble vacant capsules from hypromellose will greatly promote the development of the special content medicaments,provides pharmaceutical enterprises with a still better choice in making the enterosoluble drugs in a rapid way.great quantity and low cost.

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