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Car Bearing For Chevrolet

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Xiamen Goldenbridge Imp. & Exp. Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China car bearing for chevrolet manufacturers, and is also a professional car bearing for chevrolet supplier and factory, we are always at your service.Front wheel Bearing for ChevroletWe produce front wheel Bearing bearing for Chevrolet with different models like : 44300SB2018 34BWD11 DAC35640037 BAH0042/9004363150 DAC36720042  Material :The wheel bearing is made from high quality steel and have the characteristics of wear-resistant and have strong high-loading capacity.2 .Feature of this bearing:a. Less energy consumption.b.Durable seals and couping life.C. Less vibration and noise.d.  Super finished raceways.3.Quality certificate: ISO9001:20004.Brand : GB5. Closure type : 2RZ,2RS7.Packing:  individual box packing or industrial packing8. AplicationDifferent Chevrolet models carOur auto wheel bearing lighter and durable more compact in structure more powerful in acceleration, more comfortable for use and more reliable when driving.9. Catalogue Bearing N0.  Dimensions(mm)   GBFAGSKFdDBCDAC124000183 C-00187124018.318.3DAC20420030/2956559256592 J2220423029DAC205000206     156704      320104  5020.620.6DAC255200206 617546A255220.620.6DAC25520037546467/576467BT2B445539AA   VKBA869  3737DAC25520040    4040DAC25520042    4242DAC25520043    4343DAC25520045/43    4543DAC25550043   554343DAC25550045    4545DAC255600206/29 BA2B633280 5620.629DAC25560032445979BAH5000  3232DAC25600029/206 BA2B633272 602920.6DAC25600045   604545DAC25620028/17   622817DAC25620048   624848DAC25720043   724343DAC27520045/43801437 27524543DAC27520050    5050DAC27600050 FW120 605050DAC28580042576447 28584242DAC28590038/28   593828DAC28610042 VKBA1346 614242DAC29530037801023ABVKBA3531 BTH1206AA29613737DAC30550026  30552626DAC30550032  30553232DAC30580042 VKBA1349 584242DAC30600037545312    529891AB         522372BAHB63313CA 603737DAC30600337529891AB     545312     581736BA2B633313418780   405956A  434201B VKBA1307 60.033737DAC30600043/37   604337DAC30620038   623838DAC30630042 VKBA1344 634242DAC30630342   63.034242DAC30640042   644242DAC30670024 361971 672424DAC30680045   684545DAC32700038  32703838DAC32720034   723434DAC32720045   724545DAC32720345   72.034545DAC32730054DAC3273W  735454DAC34620037531910 561447BAHB311316B     30972434623737DAC34640034 VKBA1382 643434DAC34640037532066DE 540466 805231605124VKBA1306       BA2B309726           309726DA 643737DAC34660037559529       580400CA        805464636114A   479399          BAHB636114A34663737DAC34670037   673737DAC34680037   683837DAC356180040  3561.84040DAC35620031   623131DAC35620040   624040DAC35640037 BAH0042 643737DAC35650035546238A443952   BT2B445620B   VKBA3496/VKBA1413 653535DAC35650037   653737DAC35660032 445980A     BAH5001A 663232DAC35660033 633676     BAH-0015 663333DAC35660037      544307(D)        581010ABAHB311309     BAH0023 663737DAC35670042   674242DAC35680037567918B 541153A 430042C  549676BAHB31130633697  BAHB633295B                633528F(ZZ)          VKBA1315 683737DAC35680045   684545DAC35680233/30 VKBA1342 68.023330DAC35720027   722727DAC35720228544033BA2B441832AB 72.022828DAC35720033548083BA2B446762B   BA2B445535AE             456162      446762B      VKBA882/VKBA132734.99723333Auto Wheel Bearings Packing : 1. 1*1plastic bag + 1*1white box + carton + Pallet 2. 1*1plastic bag + 1*1GB box + carton + Pallet buyer's request We use hard master carton make sure no broken during transport

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