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Carbofuran 35% Ds

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TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION ITEM STANDARD Appearance Red loose powder  Carbosulfan, % ≥ 35.0 Water, % ≤ 3.0 pH 6.0~9.0 Use: Systemic insecticide with contact and stomach action. Control of a wide range of soil-dwelling and foliar insect pests. Examples of uses include control of millipedes, springtails, symphylids, wireworms, pygmy mangold beetles, frit flies, white grubs, aphids, caterpillars, flea beetles, Colorado beetles, stem borers, leafhoppers, planthoppers, codling moth, scales and free-living nematodes. Used in a wide range of crops, e.g. cotton, sugar beet, potatoes, rice, top fruit, citrus, maize, vegetables, sugar cane and coffee.   Similar specifications: None    Package: 25kg drum or customized packages

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